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  • How To Make Plain Paper Wristband

    The most common material used to make wrist band is Plain Paper. The ease with plain paper wristband is that you can make them at home or school. It doesn’t need much of effort or technical expertise to make. It can be fun activity for kids, parent and teachers. Makin plain paper wristband can teach children to build something playful, by using simple household items. The following steps and material are involved in making plain paper wristbands 

    Choosing Paper 

    The wristbands can be made from simple uncoated or coated paper which can be found in writing notebooks. But the strength of the paper is very low and the wristband will having short life as it can be tearing off even by sweating.  

    The better paper type for making wristbands is construction paper (construction paper is used for model designing), construction paper is tough coarse and it’s also available in many colors.  As this paper is tough and have good strength, so it can withstand hard treatment and also resist sweating. 

     But most favorable material for paper wristbands will be scrapbook paper, as this paper composition contains Kraft paper in it which made it ideal for crafting models and other home decoration items. Scrapbook paper are specifically made for crafting different items for them, so wristband will be having long life and they will be able to last up to multiple wears 

    Cutting Paper 

    Ideally wristband width is ½ inch to 1 inch and the size of wristband should be cut off according to the wearer’s wrist. The size shouldn’t be tight or looser as it can damage the wristband and can cut wearer’s skin. The size should be decided which should be comfortable to wear and should have space for air between skin and wristband 

    Shaping Wristband 

    One must try to use cylindrical object like soda can or glass to wrap the band around it for gluing. As you cannot glue the band by wrapping it around the wrist, as glue can stick to skin and it is not possible to accurately glue the band when it’s wrapped on wrist. Caution should be take that size of cylindrical object must be according to required band size, and good enough that you can easily able to get band on or off. 

    Meeting the Ends Meet 

    After wrapping on object, ensure the booth end of paper band is overlapping perfectly. Delicately the adhesive glue should be applied in in ample quantity which can strongly hold the paper. Always try to use adhesive glue as if tape will be used then shape and size of band will not remain same. As with time tapes can get loosen and even they don’t provide neat finish. Same is the case if you will use staples, as staple can hold the band’s ends well but the can be irritable for the wearer and can cause bands to tear off with time. So the best solution for strong hold and good finish is adhesive glue, special made for Paper 


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